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Drink Talk

May 23, 2021

Yes, we meant to spell it that way. Joined by guest hosts, Nate and Nick (later in the podcast), we enjoy some Colorado beers (and some random beers from Britt's fridge) while sharing some beer stories. Beer + Beer + Beer. Cheers!

Mar 2, 2021

An information packed episode about a couple of the things nature throws our way. Good stories and a discussion about if we have to worry about the Yellowstone Super-volcano, were all part of the talk. Drinks were: The Waldos' Special Ale by Lagunitas, Island Holiday by Infusion Brewing, Slush by Prairie Artisan Ales,...

Feb 16, 2021

We're back!! Season 5! Mitchel, from Brickway Brewery & Distillery, joins the guys in the 4th installment of slamming on the media. They enjoy several samples of Brickway beer, as well as a most fantastic offering of Brickway Bourbon. Cheers!

Jul 3, 2020

Britt is on vacation in San Antonio, TX with the family while Brian stayed in Omaha. Not to worry, though, Brian did a Virtual Happy Hour with the family. Including Jon, Erika, and Erik. We all used the time to reconnect during all of the craziness. Drinks were local beers from San Antonio, TX, while Brian picked up...

Jul 3, 2020

*Recorded 4/18/2020 - David & Becca, from Casual Pint, have a Virtual Happy Hour with our hosts. The changing bar scene during COVID-19 and several stories of good news where the topics of conversation. Drinks for the talk were to-go mixed drinks from local Inkwell & PROOF, local bars: Vieux Carre, Sazarac, Applewood,...